The goal of the workshop is to create awareness and decrease the stigma associated with mental health. The stigma associated with mental illness is present mainly because people are not educated in this field. This lack of understanding is what forms the basis of the stigma. Through education and informing, the students will be able to understand and “discover” mental illness and eventually show compassion and understanding towards those suffering from this illness. We believe that the use of this education approach to combat mental illness stigma is an effective way to remove the stigma attached with mental illness.


The workshop consists of:

1. A presentation on mental health,
2. Fun and engaging interactive activities,
3. Sharing of personal experiences,
4. Tips on how to get involved,
5. And a chance for everyone to win prizes!


Duration: three hours
For teachers: If you are interested in booking a workshop please email me at


Past Attendees:

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Stonebridge Public School, Markham, Ontario

Castlemore Public School, Markham, Ontario

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, Markham, Ontario