Discovery Days in Mental Health is a non-profit organization founded by Mirian Dang, a York University alumna. It was established to inform and educate the public about youth mental health with the goal of reducing stigma.

The stigma associated with mental illness is present mainly because people are not educated in the field of mental health. This lack of understanding contributes to stigmatization of people with mental illness. Increasing mental health literacy in our community is important as it will allow people to understand and “discover” mental health thereby encouraging them to show compassion and understanding towards those suffering from this illness.

No matter where, when or how you interact with children and youth, it’s important to have the basic knowledge necessary to promote their best possible mental health, recognize signs of trouble and help them get support when needed. This organization believes that our shared goals must be supported by shared knowledge about the mental health issues children and youth face – mental health literacy. By using a common language, consistent strategies and universal understanding, we can work together better to achieve optimal mental health and well-being for every child and youth in our community.